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If you’re looking for a car decal maker you are in a good place mate. I’m Bart and since 2009 I started my decal maker business in Leicester UK
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Best decals are those funny ones. You can check my instagram gallery for more ideas.

Every day there will be more and more as i do some research and produce graphics.

In case that you didn’t found anything what you after then let me know on my email [email protected] and I will sort things out to put them on shelves. If you are graphic designer and you want to sell me some of your designs – then let me know aswell. Enjoy viewing my collection of awesome decals for everyone.

Why Vleporama?

Decals from Vleporama are perfect replacements of original decals what comes sticked on new cars.
Transferables can be stick on to almost any surface what is non porous and degreased. Car panels, windscreens or windows are best place to stick them on. Wall decorations, wall quotes and anything similar you can get from Feel free to ask for custom order. Most of decals are cut in detape 440 what makes them look perfect and affordable price.

head over to vleporama ebay store so you can check out my collection of decals for sale.

Software for vinyl decal stickers
Software in vector graphic are completely diffrent than raster graphic programs like simple paint or more professional photoshop. Forget about these programs.There is no way to make proper design to be cut by decal maker.
To cut decals we need programs sach as corelDraw or inkscape to make nice desing. And for cut I use artcut2009. There is a lot of software out there on market but this set of corelDraw and artcut2009 is suits perfect for me.

Some of plotters can cut directly from corelDraw. For that you need correct plugin for corel. Most of them are made by maker of particular cuting plotter sach as graphitec or ukcutter.

Here are some link to softwares what i use. All of them are licenseda and payed once for life time licence .

Check out links below. Some of them have free licence for personal use.

Currently artcut dosen’t got webpage. But this product can be found on ebay for 20gbp.

Alot of good software you can find on

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