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You know you want to say it so say it on your bumper!

Stay fucking home

The Covid-19 outbreak has caused stay at home orders to be issued across the globe. All around the world people are closing their businesses, shutting down schools, and leaving their homes only as necessary in order to slow the infection of the coronavirus.

So why the fuck are there crowds of people hitting the beaches in some of our most infected countries?

These people aren’t just defying orders and making a statement, their potentially murdering their grandparents, their friends who are immunocompromised, and even the doctors who are trying to help.

These people are infuriating, and they’re making it worse for everyone else too. The longer infection rates continue to climb, the longer we will have to be in quarantine. That doesn’t just mean inconvenience and boredom, it could be potentially lethal for the economy as well.

With so much riding on our ability to stay home and watch Netflix, the people who seem to think the laws don’t apply to them can make the veins stand out on people who don’t know when their next paycheck will come due to the ever extending quarantine periods.

Unfortunately, there’s not a lot we can do to stop others from hosting coronavirus parties and then acting surprised when they test positive for the disease. What you can do, is send a simple message to all who are on the roads with you when you must go to the grocery store or pharmacy. A bumper sticker that advises other travelers to #StayFuckingHome!

This was the inspiration for one of our bumper stickers, and it has become one of our most popular. It might not do much to convince these incredibly irresponsible people from spreading their disease as far as they possibly can, but it’s certainly satisfying to be able to say I told you so when they end up fighting for a ventilator at the hospital.

In all seriousness, we advise everyone who is reading this blog post to #StayFuckingHome, and to advise their friends and family to do the same. If we all spend a little more time reorganizing our tupperware drawers and less time treating quarantine like a banker’s holiday, we will get through this faster and safer.

The coronavirus can be shed long before you show signs of infection, meaning that even though you feel fine you could be spreading the virus. Assume you are infected, and that everywhere you go you are shedding that virus.

If you find the people who are browsing Home Depot as a form of entertainment while coughing their lungs up on everything, this bumper sticker can help show people how you feel—when you’re out anyway. If you’re essential personnel and have no choice but to keep going out in order to continue supporting others, you can communicate to those who are not essential just how you feel about their little vacation.

Until we all #StayFuckingHome, the virus is going to continue to spread and get worse. More people will die. The economy will tank. It’s important for everyone to put aside their personal feelings, and just stay home. Let’s do it.