Best Toyota window sticker in 2019

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Best Toyota window sticker in 2019

Funny car decal for Toyota car owners

Price for one decal

I have been looking for ideas for my products.

And I have been shocked! Here is why:

I came up with the idea to sell decals with lower prices than you can find them on eBay or Amazon.

I found some listings where they asking for the amount of money what is 3 times more than I would sell it to anyone at my doorstep.

Prices on eBay and Amazon are so high because they add fees and shipping cost to prices.

Let me show you an example what I mean. Well at the time what I saw it was like that.

>> Here is listing where someone sells decal for 1.99gbp <<<


Have a look yourself if you do not believe me! Type “Toyoda decal” on eBay or just in google!

Now let me explain. Let’s take 2gbp and about 20p in fees goes to Paypal. Next is postage cost. Within the UK is about 0.56gbp. So we have 1.3 Now there is eBay fee about 30p. So what we have? 1gbp of profit. Good? Bad? Well, the cost of making decal like this is about 5p. Yes, 5p  and then 95p is profit. Let me be honest now. It is crazy. For 95p profit decal makers like me have to put 2x price what I charge for any decal up to 20cm x 20cm if you turn up to collect it. 1.56p if you order it via facebook and it needs to be posted.

Let’s dive in another market place. AMAZON!

>>> Yeah look this listing on Amazon <<<


3.99gbp + shipping

that’s CRAZY!!


I do understand that any business needs to have their prices and fees for clients. But we have 21-century HELLOOO! and there is a price 10000% bigger than the price of making one single car graphic. Cost of printing decals like electric power, vinyl and some time to finish it is 0.05-0.10p! If you next time going to buy something off eBay try to google search someone who makes decals. We all have websites and there is contact info where you can ask for price. You can save money today by supporting small businesses. Cheers Bart

If you need new items for your project I can do prints in any colour and size requested.

If you need a custom size to contact me via email at [email protected]

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black, blue, glitter, gold, gold nugget, grass green, oil slick, orange, pink, red, silver, silver metalic, white, yellow


40cm, 50cm, 60cm, 10cm, 20cm, 30cm


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