professional cnc lathe programing

Professional programing CNC lathe for diamond cut alloys

Here is an offer for those who struggle with making “superflat” and professional gcode file for CNC lathe. Some cheap lathes come with crap optimization software. Here I offer optimized file for a perfect cut. Your lathe will cut like space-grade machine.

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Emailed programs: 

50 GBP for optimized file ready to cut on your lathe. You can keep it for future use. If something is wrong I will change it and deliver a revised program for free.

150 GBP multi-pass program. That means program with multi passes. No need to change offset every 2 minutes or so.

Also, I can do a program that they will do multiple passes. Using more than one tool.

200 GBP for online training up to 5 different alloys programs. (you do everything and I help you online)

On shop floor programming:

199 GBP + cost of travel. Help to program and cut 4 alloys

1999 GBP for a day (10h) of programing on-site.

So, what is the problem with cheap diamond cut software

You can do good programs on it but it’s not professional and it takes time.

Software is bugged.

If you fail you need to start all over again.

Programs are not smooth and slow.

Just some options for making one pass program

They come as they are. No updates. No help.

What are benefits of my programs then?

I cut about 35 alloys a day and worked on 5 lathes for diamond cut alloys. I know almost all alloy shapes 2015-2021.

Hi-end software for programing almost all cnc lathes.

Working with alloys with old paint (no need to strip paint).

Experience with quick and cheap repairs.

Experience with extra ordinary and expensive alloys.

I know all process from start to end when it comes to refurb alloys.

In this business since 2015

For what CNC lathes?

For now, I offer programing for these lathes

Haas ST-30

any cheap lathe with a controller:


Here are some pictures how alloys look like when I cut them

How to order?

Contact me via email [email protected] and send at least two close pictures of alloys. You also have to scan the surface with a probe on your machine and save it to file. Send it over and wait for my reply. I will back to you within hours.

I love to hear from you !

[email protected]