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Plotter knife 45 degrees

Plotter knife 45 degrees

Decal makers. Here I got to sell knifes for plotter cutters. 

Plotter knife 45 degrees are used in many plotters on the market. I got liyu-sc630 and it works perfect for cutting ordinary vinyls.
Shipping from Leicester UK

45 degrees blade


  • Condition: 100% new

  • 45 degrees blade

  • Material: Cemented Carbide

  • Blade size: 23mm (Length) x 2mm (Diameter)

  • Offset: 0.25mm

  • Compatible with: fit for Roland, Refine, Rabbit(HX) , Redsail (RS) , Yinhe (YH), Ruijie (RJ), GCC,

  • etc.

I have them aswell on ebay if you like to buy them there here they are roalnd blades on ebay

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