Best fake taxi car sticker in 2019



Best fake taxi car sticker in 2019

Here is logo of fake taxi in vector AI file 


fake taxi vector

These stickers are made to order for your car or laptop.

Or basically any nonporous surface.

Most of them are sold on eBay and Amazon.

Loads of sellers take this idea for their ecom websites.

From my place, this decal can be sent worldwide.

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Fake taxi sticker

It is cut decal in professional outdoor vinyl.

This sticker is made to order for your

dirt bike, bike, push bike, boat, gym, van, unit, window, car or laptop.

Or basicly any nonporous surface.

World wide shipping and paypal payments.

Have look on this dude lambo !

Since 2014 “fake taxi sticker” starts to show up in google trends.

It’s a hudge ad for their website. Everybody loves this cab 🙂

fake taxi popularity trend
fts – fake taxi popularity trend

Stickers or decals – younameit. Helps a bit to grow popularity for main page.

But there is not a lot of change in grap if you compare it to fts graph.

fake taxi trends
fts – fake taxi trends

So as you can assume. Car decals can be very good idea to promote your website.

 I think you getting me how this decal works.

Soon avalible on ebay shop aswell ebay decal store

decal is made by vleporama

 Thanks Bart


black, blue, gold, grass green, orange, pink, red, silver, white, yellow


45cm, 55cm, 10cm, 15cm, 20cm, 25cm, 30cm, 35cm