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Coffee quotes cut decal in brown matt vinyl

Coffee quotes cut decal in brown matt vinyl

Coffee quotes decal is cut in proffesional wall vinyl and its easy to apply. High quaity graphic for kitchen wall applications.

Who dosen’t love coffee at morrning? We love o drink black super powered liquer at office or at date. There is some types of coffies and tones ways to make lovely cup of coffee at coffee shop. Are you coffee lover? Here I have to promote a wall decal about coffee types and addons cut in high proffesional brown matt vinyl. I can do sizes up to 59cm height and 100cm long decal. It is not printed on cheap vinyl as chinise businesses use to do. NO its all cut in brown vinyl what means that chocolate pigment is in, top and glue side of vinyl.

More designs are avalible to be made.

1x single colour decal.
No background

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100cm x 60cm, 50cm x 25cm


brown matt


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