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Ready to personalize? How to find a decal that’s right for you.

Ready to personalize? How to find a decal that’s right for you.

A decal for your car is a great, inexpensive way to personalize your vehicle and set it apart from other vehicles on the road. With the help of a decal, you can do anything from add flames to the sides or a sporty stripe, or a funny saying that will entertain the people driving behind you.

Decals make your car unique, and they help show who you are as an individual. If you know you want to add something new to your vehicle, but aren’t sure what the right decal is, here’s a few tips on choosing the right one.

Look at options

A great place to start is to simply browse around. A good decal site has hundreds of different choices for you. If you love sports, there’s a bumper sticker that tells others which team is your favorite. If you’re annoyed by the huge crowds of people coughing on you during a pandemic, there’s a bumper sticker that can tell them just how you feel.

Chances are, if you look through options long enough, you’ll see one pop out at you that makes you scream “This is what I want on my car!” And if you don’t…well, keep looking!

Look to the future

You may want to support your favorite presidential hopeful, but how will you feel about that bumper sticker 5 or more years down the road? Are you the type who is patient enough to remove the bumper sticker once you no longer want it, or will that bumper sticker be there forever?

Sparing a thought to the future can help you determine whether or not you want that particular bumper sticker. If you’re a diehard Lakers fan that can’t imagine ever turning your back on that team, you can feel good about applying that sticker.

On the other hand, if you want to sell the car within a few months, an offensive sticker you find hilarious might not be a good choice.

Think about your car color

This might seem like an odd thing to consider, but your car color can have a big impact on your decal. While a bumper sticker with a slogan on it probably won’t matter what choice you make, a decal you want to put on the paint itself won’t look good if the colors clash. The decal may also be hard to read if it features dark words on a dark background, or look silly if it’s a huge white background on your black car.

There’s a lot that goes into deciding on a decal. Whether you want to be sassy, funny, or supportive of those around you, there’s a decal that will communicate your feelings and perhaps brighten the lives of everyone who sees it. Decals are fun for everyone, and if you end up deciding you don’t like it, they’re a lot easier to remove than a custom paint job or a full wrap would be.