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Graphtec ce7000-60 review

Graphtec 7000-60 review

Great machine for small businesses. Comparing it to liyu sc631-e what I used for 5 years, graphtec is a winner.
This plotter is QUIET!! Only what you hear is suction/ cooling fan and the sound of cutting vinyl. This one cost me 1500gbp and came without a stand. I use stand from plotter what I had before (liyu sc631-e).
It’s not a heavy beast. That was amazing when it came in the box. Cut tape, unfold, foil out TADAAA new plotter arrived ready to cut and make more money.
Easy use via USB port and cut directly from Corel draw X4. I wondered if this gonna work with old Corel.

This machine makes your life easier

It’s quiet, precise and reliable. No need to adjust blade offset everytime when you need to cut somthing. Cut form corel makes it quicker. No worries about vinyl goes out of rollers, sensors everywhere!

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