Here are my answers to questions from internet

Question: How do I remove a strong sticker from a book?

Answer: Use hot and moistured air from kettle. Heat up sticker and then peal it off.

Question: Is there a website were I can design a car decal with not only stock images, but art submitted from various artists as well; with various decal background options, after which I can save the design for later purchase or ship right away?

Answer: You need to have licence from artist who did that design. Then you could make desing in vector software like inkscape

Question: What are wall decals?

Answer: Basiclly it is graphic cut in adhesive vinyl. This decal can be sticked to wall by transparent transportation vinyl/foil

Question: What are copyright rules for stickers, etc?

Answer: You can’t use trademarks and someones designs until licence says you can.

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