Steam Valeting Leicester

Steam Valeting Leicester

Steam Valeting Leicester

Steam Valeting in Leicester

   Sunday work done on this super Steam Valeting van.

Most of people doing nothing during weekend but not we. We are diffrent we must to work. One Bart doing valeting and other Bart puting decals on van. 5h of my work done on this car. I hope it will bring a lot customers for Bart.

Heres some links for more information about what Bart can clean or can NOT

Best way is to ask him by facebook.


tel: 07541 980930



Gamer names – Vleporama ideas for decals

Gamer names

Gamer names decals made to order

Hi. How are you today gamers?

Gamer girl

Gamer girl

Did you ever ever think about decal whit your nick or game name? How about put decal like this to your laptop or pc case. There is milion boys and girls gamers out there. I bet that 10% of them will love to get some decals for their rigs.

Do you love video games?

Are you pc gamer?

Or another idea for decals for gamer groups to show their attidute to live style what they got.

Gaming decals are coming into vleporama.com

so if you got any idea I will love to help you out mr or ms gamer.

Feel yours call of duty for gaming decals and join even if you play girls games.

More frag no lag

Peace out



Get traffic to my webpage

Get traffic to my webpage

Get traffic to my webpage

This is very popular quote this days. A lot of webpage owners asking them selfes how to get tons of traffic to my website.

But There is a catch. I don’t want traffic. I do NOT need traffic. I need customers to hit my shop and make a sale! Hey did you thought about it like I did? Sure there is tones of experts who know how to do it. But = thats a bulshit. No one knows how to get traffic to your website. I mean if you work in niche like I got you will strugle and keep asking yor self “how I should act to get traffic”. Let me show an example from typing in google “How to get traffic to my webpage”

Advertise. This one is so obvious, we’re going to look at it first. …
Get Social. …
Mix It Up. …
Write Irresistible Headlines. …
Pay Attention to On-Page SEO. …
Target Long-Tail Keywords. …
Start Guest Blogging. …
Invite Others to Guest Blog on Your Site.

Yeah yeah I did that but there still nothing going on my website pal!

So I started to asking my self “what people wants of my webpage” And then I realised there is nothing what they looking for apering in their search results. And this is what everybody should focus on. Let make a test. Go incognito on your webbrowser and type “buttman decal” My picture is on first position of images in google search. Hey! I did it. But wait. Whats other designs what I got online. Go ahead and type “fake taxi decal” or “fake taxi sticker” And I’m not there! Thats it. I quit! Why this happens!? How i can get traffic if other websites are “above me” on google searchs? I think about to move on and do some reasearch and find not popular decal at decal shops but it needs to be something what people wants to buy!

Damn its so hard to get traffic and convertions.

Im done here and have good day.

Cheers Bart

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