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Keep in mind I’m busy alltime so it is hard to be all time on my phone.

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Vleporama is a place where you can order yours custom decals.

Car decal maker in leicester is waiting for you to send designs.

Did you know ? In polish decal is naklejka.

I can be yours decal supplier and ship decal around the globe
Are you decal designer? Let’s cooperate!

Custom designs are welcome.

You can read about decals on wikipedia – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DecalFOCUS-300x176 Car decal maker

Car decal maker

Phone – 7948934595

Car decal maker leicester. Why you should choose vleporama as a car decal maker? Becouse decals is my hobby. I love to do them and this is perfect way to meet people online.
Why decals? Why not stickers? Why not sticker shop or sticker supplier or maybe sticker maker website? Becouse i find out decal is more accurate word to describe my products. Stickers are usually printed on vinyl and then, they are cut out from of vinyl material. Meanwhile all decal is cut in vinyl what makes it very orginal product.

Decals are very popular and they will be even more becouse they quite easy to be made at home or garage. But sadly chinise decals owned market like ebay or etsy. It is easy to understand there is lower taxes and labor. When it comes to quality you have to understand that by saying “decal”  It is not precise what you will be shown on ebay or basicly google. Decal can be made two ways. Print on clear vinyl and then cut out from vinyl or all decal designs will be cut out from vinyl. I hope it makes sense. There is a lot of videos on yt how to. Let me show ya.

Video #1

Video #2

Video #3

My name is Bart and im Pole and im owner of vleporama.com and all social media proiles contains vleporama keyword. I started my hobby back in 2009 when I bought first pc cut 630 plotter. I started learing how to use it and how to make cutable designs. There fore I hadn’t got idea how my hobby gona grow in next years. I started selling my crafts for my friends how had idea what to cut and then my job was to cut it out and deliver to them. It was hard ad begining to start but today after so much time it is still hard to live from decal craftship. Do not get me wrong now days I can cut difficult desings but I struggling with selling them or just to show them to correct people on internet. There is no way to free advertising becouse I have to make killer content and promote it. It’s not a easy task these days. Advertising cost a lot more than 1 month of selling my decals. Yes it is not a business, to spend more money on advertising than income what I getting. To be continued…

Hopefully it explains you everything.

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Rupert asks
Thanks for the quick reply Bart
A few more questions:

1) For pricing: how big is ‘small’ and what is the cost of the next sizes up?

2) what sort of vinyl do you use? and can you print any colour decals/ stickers – like any of these?

3) How long would it take you from receiving an order, to printing it and sending it out?

4) what days do you work / are there any days you dont work? eg Saturday/ Sunday/ Public holidays?
Likewise do you have staff? if you get ill or go abroad do you have anyone who can handle orders?

5) What are typical postage options & costs? a) to send to Europe, b) Rest of World

6) Can I order a sample? What format should I send the file to you in?

Hello Rupert. It will be a lot easier if we go away from here. What about if you add me on fb? fb.com/peki86 or vleporama fanpage on fb.
1) up to 16cm x 20cm then up to a4 size ( depends on design- how complicated it is)
2) normal gloss vinyl as anyone else. mdp supplies you can find them in google easy.
3) up to one week
4) 7 days in a week. Usualy im online 16h during day. I work mo-fri as a cnc lathe diamond cut alloy wheels specialist (40h) then I work on decals.
I do not have time for holidays and no one pays me for them. Im self employed
I do not have staff.
No one else gona do my job if im not at home – sometimes my gf helps me
5) postage cost is same what you can check on royal mail website. 56p 76p and parcels 2.8gbp and up in uk. Aboard 1.17gbp for small letter then 1.50gbp and 2.5gbp for a4 size letters
6) sure you can. I’m happy to send you one. Any vector file would be great AI CDR PS SVG PDF

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