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Car sticker printing

As you are admin of car community facebook page or something related?

you will need then some car decals then!

Finding a print shop who will print decals for you is quite hard these days.

All of you folks are looking for a cut in vinyl decals.

Some print shops do not supply this kinda prints.

whack it sticker
whack it sticker

Custom printed decals are very popular in our niche.

Nice font and colour. Custom size to fit any kind of car.

Since 2009 I do car decals as you looking for. So I know you will have some questions.

I will supply low cost and epic quality cut in vinyl decals for your group.
I just need to know:
1 how many
2 have you got design
3 what colour (a type of vinyl)
4 post or collection in person
5 what size
After that, you will be informed how much this batch of decals will cost you.
I do recommend get your people to raise funds for that service.
Another way around you can order them from me and resale them to your crew.

Sure, the price tag is up to you.


This post is about service what you looking for. Please consider vleporamas offer.

I love to hear from you.

I charge from 3gbp/3euro/3usd for one custom decal.

If you are ready

Please visit contact page 

Keep crusing!


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