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Car sticker printing

whack it

As you are admin of car community facebook page or something related?

you will need then some car decals then!

Finding a print shop who will print decals for you is quite hard these days.

All of you folks are looking for a cut in vinyl decals.

Some print shops do not supply this kinda prints.

whack it sticker
whack it sticker


Custom printed decals are very popular in our niche.

Nice font and colour. Custom size to fit any kind of car.

Since 2009 I do car decals as you looking for. So I know you will have some questions.

I will supply low cost and epic quality cut in vinyl decals for your group.
I just need to know:
1 how many
2 have you got design
3 what colour (a type of vinyl)
4 post or collection in person
5 what size
After that, you will be informed how much this batch of decals will cost you.
I do recommend get your people to raise funds for that service.
Another way around you can order them from me and resale them to your crew.

Sure, the price tag is up to you.

Why car decals? Why Vleporama?

Car decals are a fun and easy way to personalize any vehicle. If you have found a hilarious new slogan your dying to share with others stuck in traffic, or perhaps want to share in solidarity with others during the bad times, a decal can help spread your message to everyone who sees it.

Step 1: Choose a location on your car

A sticker can go virtually anywhere on your vehicle. It’s important to choose that location before you peel off the backing of your decal. Hold the decal up to the area you plan to place it, and make sure it will fit. The last thing you want is to get half way through applying it only to discover part of the wording is obscured due to the location.

Before you can start making others laugh or smile through your new sticker, you need to put it on your car first. If done improperly the sticker might not look as good as it could, and at worst may peel off all together. Here are a few tips for getting it on if you’ve never applied a sticker before.

Step 2: Wash the vehicle

If you attempt to apply the decal to a dirty spot on your car, the adhesive will stick to the dirt rather than the car itself. That means in time the decal is more likely to peel off or age prematurely.

For the same reason, it’s important not to apply wax or anything else that may leave a residue, and to only apply the decal after the car is completely dry. When you apply the decal, you want to make sure that you are applying it to the car itself, and not to all the chemicals or dirt inbetween.

Step 3: Peel the decal

How you peel the decal will depend on how big the decal is. If it is longer than your forearm, you’ll need to peel the decal a little bit at a time and apply it as you go. This lets you smooth it down slowly and make sure there are no bubbles or wrinkles before going on to the next segment.

If you are working with a small decal, you can peel the whole thing and stick it since you should be able to maintain control of the entire decal while placing it.

Step 4: Deal with bubbles

Ideally you won’t have any bubbles after applying your decal, but sometimes they can occur. If this is the case, you can smooth them out with your credit card. Press the edge of your card against the bubble, and gently scrape it towards the edge until the bubble has escaped out of the side.

You’ll also need a card if you ever want to remove the sticker. Use heat such as your blow dryer or hot water to get the decal warm and loosen the adhesive, or vinegar to help soften it, and then gently scrape it away with your card.

A decal allows you to express your opinions, share a funny joke, or support a cause that’s important to you. Make sure the joke isn’t on you by applying your decal carefully so it doesn’t turn out a wrinkled mess.

Vinyl decals is my hobby!

Since 2009 making vinyl car decals is my hobby.

This method of making decals are almost outdated .

But as it is supprising there is always something to be cuted. Nowadays people still are interested in this.

Decals like this are perfect as lettering for vans and cars. To be honest, doesn’t matter what you got.

I can make you a sticker even if you got steam powered train! Thoes decals are good for smooth and deagreased surfaces.

Let me show you my world of custom made car decals.

Most of thes prints are availiable on my car decals store. Have a look if you want. The best of best ideas is to use cut decals on cars or motorbikes.

Also cut decals are good way to work as stencil.

When there is a need to prespray car or bike panel then you need to remake stickers.

Motorbike body tends to get scratches and chips. It is easy to drop bike on side.

Ask any of yor motofriends. Same issue is with cars. Kids on bikes are everywhere.

There is more and more cars what comes originaly with decal. Motorbikes are endless story.

Sure decals what I made are not perfectly same as ori ones.

There is no way to make shading or play with loads of variants let say red colour comes in about 5 shades.

Most of vinyls are made in one colour tone and there is no chance to get slighty diffrent shade.

In end of a day, better custom made ones than nothing.

Sure if i have sam technology and skils as ori sticker makres I would do same.

Instagram decal maker

Great idea for a sticker is having your instaname on your car bike or even boat. It’s up to you where you will stick it. Am here to make one for you. Just let me know what nick you got on insta and we ready to cut. Here I have some ideas for instagram car stickers

Car / van signwriting

Easy to stick on your vechicle. car/boat/van/truck/lorry

World wide shipping.
Vleporama is a place where you can order your very own decal made from vector files.
Your life time project needs decals ?
I’m decal maker based in Leicester UK. I only make cut decals in vinyl.

You can stick my decals on your car bike boat or space ship, no matter they will stick! Stencils for painters, for nail stylists. Simply ask via email or on facebook fanpage. Van lorry car advertise decals for your business. Have fun! Peace out.

This place is for you!


This post is about service what you looking for. Please consider vleporamas offer.

I love to hear from you.

I charge from 3gbp/3euro/3usd for one custom decal.

If you are ready

Please visit contact page 

Keep crusing!