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Car signwriting

Car signwriting

Car signwriting

Hi! Bart here.

Car signwriting is avalible for small businesses who need to start with signwriting on their cars or vans. I can produce small signs for your business. They are perfect for back window of your car or van. Sides of vans can be done too. Bonnets and front doors. Dosen’t matter where you want it. Anyway surface needs to be clean and degreased. I use for this my liyu cut plotter. It is easy to use and it makes awesome car graphics.

How much it cost?

In order to make decals or singwriting for anyone I would recomend two sizes. You can stick them to doors, windows, bonnets and elsewhere.

Small 30cm x 30cm 20£

Big 50cm x 50cm 40£

Sure you can order custom size.

What can be written?

Well I do recomend phone nr or website link. Then someting related to your business. Like


Hope you get what I mean.

Easier is just go to my small gallery of singwriting car and vans and check it out what can be done at vleporama. So if you need some decals let me know at

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