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Business stickers

business sticker

Would you like to have your logo on clients cars? Or your website link on back window?

Now you can! At Vleporama we do business stickers for you to promote any business.

Like this ones below.

business stickers

Great to have business name on back window or side skits.

Only cut in vinyl stickers. No photos or complicated designs. (for now)

Park your car at busy road or big shopping center. Let your customers see your logo.

back window sticker

How much business stickers cost?

For 1 sticker 1gbp for 100 stickers 100gbp if you want to order more they can be even cheaper.

You can collect them from my place or I will send them recorded to you.

Paypal and debit cards payments welcome. I post to other countries too.

Postage is free.

How to order decals in batch?

simply send email to:

Best way is to send me your business name and how many stickers you want. But remember 20 stickers is minimum.

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