Diamentowe płytki do toczenia felg aluminiowych

Diamentowe płytki do toczenia felg aluminiowych vmct 160412H do kupienia u mnie na ebayu https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/323707043593 Koszt to 35funtów za sztukę + koszt wysyłki. Wyżej wymienione płytki tokarskie nadają się do wszystkich typowych stopów aluminium. Jestem w fazie testów i poszukiwań idealnych płytek do toczenia super alloy czyli tych z lekkich stopów aluminium. Felgi z superalloy …

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Vinyl cutter

Vinyl cutter is a machine similar to inkjet printer. It does cut vinyls by blade or laser. Some big cutters can cut steel and rocks. Vinyls comes with diffrent sizes and purposes. Matt, gloss, glitter, oil slick, leather like and so on. Vinyl cutters are know also as vinyl plotters. Thoes machines are quite easy …

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what is a vinyl cutter, Used silhouette cameo with feeder

What is a vinyl cutter

What is vinyl plotter Vinyl plotter is a kind of printer what cuts variety of vinyls or thin plastics. It can use drag knife (passive tool), rotary tool (active cut tool) or pen like tool. This machine is controled by ordinary stepper motors, simple mainboard, and coil to activate and deactivate tool. This is how …

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Car sticker printing

As you are admin of car community facebook page or something related? you will need then some car decals then! Finding a print shop who will print decals for you is quite hard these days. All of you folks are looking for a cut in vinyl decals. Some print shops do not supply this kinda …

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Vinyl decals is my hobby!

Hello! Bartek here. Wyświetl ten post na Instagramie. #saturday #caveman #cave #selfie #hobby #coffee #beard #mustashe #mustash #polish #polishboy #polishguy #polishman #polishmen Post udostępniony przez Vleporama_Decals_&_3D_prints (@vleporama_decals_and_3d_prints) Mar 10, 2018 o 8:29 PST Since 2009 making vinyl car decals is my hobby. This method of making decals are almost outdated . But as it is supprising there is …

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Custom car vinyl decal stickers supplier

Looking for some custom car decals? Hi! Bart here. If your business or online shop needs new products I can help you! Since 2009 I started my decal business.  Since then become decal maker and today I sell my crafts via my online decal shop. Many websites can benefit from my vinyl decals. My products …

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What is Vleporama

Vleporama is Car decals maker Vleporama is experienced in producing a large variety of custom car decals aka car stickers for windows, laptops, and signs for businesses. We sell some of them via eBay decal store feel free to check it out Bumper decals, on the other hand, are a great range in our vinyl vehicle …

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Drukowanie naklejek reklamowych

Drukowanie naklejek reklamowych Witam, Bartek z tej strony. Chciałem w tym poście opisać drukowanie naklejek reklamowych które możecie państwo zamówić po przez e-mail kontaktowy [email protected]  Lub odwiedź strone contact-me https://www.vleporama.com/ Naklejki które mam do zaproponowania to reklama zewnętrzna, trwała i co najważniejsze tania. W ofercie reklamy wycinanej ploterowo znajdują się: –reklamy na samochody –reklamy na wany –naklejki …

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