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Car signage removal – How to do it properly

Reklama z polski is good

Here are some videos about how to remove car signage. Make sure you watch all videos so you will get all tips and tricks to do it properly.

This guy using heatgun on very old signage. Watch you fingers while doing this! Safety first!

This one is bit longer but also using heat gun.

and this one is shortest

and last one using toffie wheel. You can get one on ebay or amazon whatever you prefer.


So after about 15 minutes you should have idea how to remove your ones. Cheers

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Car stickers for your business

car signage

Are you looking for an effective and attractive presentation for your business? Cover your car with stickers from us and be your best outdoor advertisement!

We have been operating on the UK market since 2015 and we support small entrepreneurs on their way to success.

Mobile car advertising is one of the most appropriate and fastest forms of promoting your business.
You, maybe like me, are a Pole, a professional who does his job well and wants to to let the world hear about Him?

Don’t wait to make a good decision.

send me email:

Time is money.

Especially if you can wrap your car yourself.

It’s fast, easy and cheap. Why?

Because all production takes place in my house, which makes the price extremely affordable and fair.
Our flagship product is made by classic cutting technology plotter, and its
is made using a transport foil.

The application is fast and hassle-free, and the end result will satisfy the most demanding customer.

My all cars, including the current one

they were labeled with our product and I can guarantee its durability on my own example.
Have you already made the right decision?

If so, your order will be delivered to the address worldwide!

I order from £ 20 upwards.

For example: A 60cm X 100cm sticker costs £ 30.

This is the standard version that fits the vast majority of vans on the market.

Cost of wrapping a car

To sum up: 1st side of the car for wrapping – 30
pounds, 2 sides of the car for wrapping – 60 pounds, rear of the car for wrapping – 20 pounds.

Of course, this is just an example.

The price depends on the surface of the car you want to cover with our product.

Larger quantities are priced individually for the customer.

Products from deliver by shipment
Postage costs from £ 1 for a small letter to £ 9 for an international shipment.

We accept PayPal payments and bank transfer to the account.
See our already completed projects in the Vleporama gallery:
Any questions?

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Why do people put “Baby On Board” stickers on their cars?

When you are proud parent you would like other people to watch out while they driving. On other hand if you spot sticker like this on parked car around shop mall – then be aware and do not park near to it. Small pasangers of this car can scratch or ding your car.

This is more explanatory just “baby on board” sticker :

From this sticker you can feel intent of driver.

Well you need to keep in mind if there is no warning sign then it dosen’t mean no kids on board. Stay safe.

More info to read about this sticker

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wall stickers Super ideas (best so far-2020)

At Vleporama we can create and print wide range of wall stickers. All we need to know is what need to be done.

Send us email:

Print in bulk welcome.

Here are some wall sticker ideas:

This is what can be make at Vleporama.

Wall stickers for your office
Think outside box wall decal
Think outside box wall decal

Wall stickers for your coffee place
coffee wall decal
coffee wall decal

Wall stickers for your gaming room

space invader laptop decal
space invader laptop decal
ps buttons wall decal
creeper sticker
creeper decal

Wall stickers for your room