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3d printing Leicester

3d printing Leicester

3d printing service cheap
3d printing service cheap

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If you are looking for 3d prining in Leicester you are in good place.

Fast speed of service is what you are looking for.

All custom orders are welcome.

3d prints are a cheap way to produce parts and pre-production samples. My service uses pla and petg for most of my orders.


kupię drukarkę 3d
kupię drukarkę 3d


 I started my business in 2014 because I do love challenges.

My service is home-based and I do sell and post online like on my eBay store https://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/vleporamauk

More about my 3d printers 3d printing Leicester

3d printed fidget spinner
3d printed fidget spinner

Question: How long I will wait for my prints?

Usually, my clients need to wait one week (7days)

Question: Are 3d prints hard to bend or snap?

There is a ton of different plastics on market these days. Mostly I use PLA or PETG. Obviously, if other materials are required I will be happy to get the required filament

Question: What’s the difference between PLA and PETG?

PLA is the easiest plastic to print with.

Petg is much stronger than PLA

All depends on the application of the printed part.

Question: How many printers do you have?

I have now two custom 3d printers.

Question: How much it cost?

  Basically one small print cost 5gbp plus shipping usually it is 3gbp. I can deliver it myself to your door.

Here are some specs. This is my setup and I will make progress in next years with buying better and better hardware.

Here I have recent prints ( Instagram account)

3d printed owls
3d printed owls


After thousands of hours spent on tweaking and upgrading my printers, I have made two custom 3d printers. 


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