3D Printing Services

Vleporama isn’t just for decals. We also specialize in 3D Printing services. We have over 6 years of experience in 3D Printing, as well as other aspects of printer care such as repair and maintenance. If you have 3D printer and need help, or want something 3D printed but don’t want to go to the expense of getting your own printer, we can help. Contact us any time at [email protected] and we will get your questions answered for you.

OK, what can be produced

Vleporama is focus to make:

Common questions

Question: How long I will wait for my prints?

Usually, my clients need to wait one week (7 working days)

Question: Are 3d prints hard to bend or snap?

There is a ton of different plastics on market these days. Mostly I use PLA or PETG. Obviously, if other materials are required I will be happy to get the required filament

Question: What’s the difference between PLA and PETG?

PLA is the easiest plastic to print with.

Petg is much stronger than PLA

All depends on the application of the printed part.

Question: How many printers do you have?

I have now two custom 3d printers.

Question: How much it cost?

ย? Basically one small print cost 5gbp plus shipping usually it is 3gbp. I can deliver it myself to your door.

Here are some specs. This is my setup and I will make progress in next years with buying better and better hardware.

We have a number of services for 3D printing available. These include:

3D Printing

We 3D print almost anything you can imagine. We have a great deal of experience in 3D printing, which you can see in our 3D printed gallery below. 3d printed everything from fidget spinners to the iconic face grabbers from aliens.
If you have an idea for a 3D printed product, just drop us a line and we’ll get back to you immediately with a price quote or answers for your questions

3D Printer Repair

3D printers are still not a common feature in households, so when your 3D printer breaks down it isn’t as easy as taking it to the Geek Squad and asking for a repair. You need someone with experience in 3D printers to successfully repair one, and Vleporama has that experience.
Don’t let an aging 3D printer stop you from printing. We can tune-up your old 3D printer so that it can keep on working to provide you with the 3D objects you love.

3D Printer Upgrades

Upgrading your 3D printer is more than just downloading some new drivers. 3D printers can have a range of new features you can install, such as better or different nozzles, motor dampers, or even a flex plate.

Different parts can change the look and feel of your models, allow you to print faster, or allow for other features. These upgrades will make a huge difference in your 3D printer, but upgrading isn’t always easy. We can help you with that. We can install your upgrades so you can get to printing faster and better than before.

If you’ve never thought about upgrading your printer, take a look at all the options available and see if there’s something you want installed. You may discover there’s a feature you didn’t even know you wanted waiting for you and your 3D printer to discover.

Filaments available

We also have filament on hand for sale if you happen to need more. You need filament in order to make your awesome 3D objects, so don’t let running out stifle your creativity. We always have filament in stock so just shoot us an email if you need to add filament to your order.

We have spent years in the industry learning how 3D printers work inside and out. Let us help you with your 3D printing project, whether it is repair, upgrades, or an object printed on one of our own printers. If you’re not sure if we can help, shoot us an email. We can answer your questions or offer you a quote quickly and easily.

Some pictures of prints

3d printed fidget spinner
3d printed fidget spinner